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Now We are Here

Now We Are Here

Welcome to a unique theatre experience at Dikemark Psychiatric Hospital in Asker with live music, food and an idyllic walk in the winter landscape.


Brothers and Sisters

Four friends meet up to reconstruct why their friendship fell apart when they were 15.


The End of Everything Ever

Agata is 6 years-old and is going to the railway station with her father. Everyone seems very happy, only Agata has the strange feeling that she will never see her father again. On the train, overcome with tiredness  and hunger, she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name-tag tied around her neck… … and very slowly […]


My Long Journey Home

Based on the true story of Andras Tomas, a Hungarian boy who was press-ganged into the Wehrmacht in 1942, taken to fight on the Eastern Front and then lost in Russia for 53 years…


Hanna & Heinz

Based on the true accounts of a Norwegian woman who married a German soldier during the Second World War.


Past Half Remembered

A madcap journey through the epic sweep of twentieth century Russian history.


Museum of Memories

Exploring true stories and accounts from people that have experienced suicide in their family. The project is a movable installation that is both an exhibition space and a space for the performance.


We Come from Far, Far Away

A performance for younger audiences exploring the stories of refugees performed in a Mongolian yurt.


The Girl With the Ugly Face

A show about how language shapes us, and about being a child, and fitting in (or not!), no matter where you are or what language you speak.


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