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New Show Announced – Grand Soft Day


A brand new early years show opens this autumn as part of the Dublin Theatre festival in co-production with Branar Theatre

38 Soft Day by Branar © Anita Murphy 2021

We are delighted to finally announce that we have collaborated with Branar Téatar to present a new early years show Grand Soft Day at The Ark as par of the Dublin Theatre Festival.

A show of all seasons.

Splashing in puddles, wind whipping your hair, crunching frost under your feet, and rain dripping on your nose, now that’s a grand soft day. A playful show about always being prepared even though you do not know what the day will bring.

Commissioned by The Ark, Grand Soft Day is a predominantly non -verbal piece that combines physical storytelling, live music and colourful wellies performed by Greg Hall, Helen Greg, Jonathan Gunning and Linda Scaramella.

Playing 28 Sept – 02 Oct 2022.

Tickets will be on sale for Members of The Ark on 04 Aug and will be on General Sale 10 Aug.


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