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Take a look at previous productions. Sometimes it is possible for shows to be re-mounted so please let us know if you are interested in any shows. You can also check out In Development and Touring Show pages.


Hanna & Heinz

Based on the true accounts of a Norwegian woman who married a German soldier during the Second World War.


Hansel and Gretel

In the middle of a cold, dark forest Hansel and Gretel are lost and hungry. But as they sit, shivering, they glimpse a tiny cottage through the trees…a cottage that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Its roof is made of gingerbread, the walls are made of chocolate cake, the door is made of boiled […]


The Night of February 28th

A challenging, humorous and high octane show with a lot of music, with the murder of Sweden’s then-prime minister Olof Palme as a backdrop.


Berlin 1961

13th August, 1961: the day that the GDR government shuts down the border, which until then had existed as more or less a permeable line. It begins with barbed wire, but before long there is a veritable wall separating families, lovers and friends.


Everything Falls Apart

Following the story of two boys smuggled into the UK hoping for a better life and one manʼs focused pursuit of justice at all costs.


My Long Journey Home

Based on the true story of Andras Tomas, a Hungarian boy who was press-ganged into the Wehrmacht in 1942, taken to fight on the Eastern Front and then lost in Russia for 53 years…


The End of Everything Ever

Agata is 6 years-old and is going to the railway station with her father. Everyone seems very happy, only Agata has the strange feeling that she will never see her father again. On the train, overcome with tiredness  and hunger, she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name-tag tied around her neck… … and very slowly […]


Around the World in 80 Days

Based on Jules Verne’s famous novel and combining clowning, live music, storytelling and an international ensemble, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ takes you on a high speed, mad-cap, transcontinental, race against the clock.

Beauty And Beast Production_Mark Dawson Photography_DSC_8516

Beauty and the Beast

A rustic re-telling of the French classic fairy tale about love, family and being the bravest of all.


Tales From the Middle of Town

There is a shop – a big shop – in the middle of a busy shopping centre. But this shop doesn’t sell toys, or food, or mobile telephones – this shop sells stories. The show took you on a magical shopping trip with vampire shopkeepers, moody book-shop customers and Lilly’s first day at her glasses […]



An interactive audio experience that uncovers the secrets of past and present surveillance operations.


Tales from a Sea Journey/HAV

NIE embarked on a transatlantic voyage on board the GMA-CGM Fort St Louis, a container ship en route from Le Havre in France to Guadeloupe in the West Indies.


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