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Hotel Europa

Hotel Europa


A co-production with JES-Theatre in Stuttgart

The hotel “Europa” was founded in the time of departure – right after the economic miracle. The name was chosen symbolically as a synonym for peace and freedom. Although the owner probably had touristic spots in Italy, France or Spain in mind and did not meant for a political notion of growing together on a European plain. On the menu the European thought cannot be found after all: most of the dishes are purely Swabian. The business was thriving nonetheless – even without innovation and change. Now that the owner passed away, we are the fly on the wall at his wake. And as it happens quite often if people from different backgrounds meet at such a social gathering, the topics of conversation are divers and in parts controversial. But one question comes around more often than other: what will the future hold? What is going to happen to the hotel, the staff – and in the end to Europe, our society and its values?

This is a co-production with JES Theatre in Stuttgart and the third try to bring this unique project to life. Including the biggest cast in JES-history: ten actors with seven different cultural backgrounds will come together at a special, remote location.

Due to the measures taken to contain COVID-19 this project needed to be postponed twice already. Once to July 2021, and a second time to May 2022, where we hopefully will be able to finally celebrate this special premiere. The questions about what “Europa” is, what role it plays in the different member countries and for this continent, and what value open borders have for our everyday life, are more urging and important than ever.

This project is sponsored with money from “Projektförderung Kinder und Jugendtheater” of the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.



Cast: Gerd Ritter, Anna-Lena Hitzfeld, Sibel Polat, David Pagan, Elisabet Topp, Ema Staicut, Milan Gather, Faris Yüzbaşioğlu, Unai Lopez de Armentia

Directors: Brigitte Dethier and Kjell Moberg

Set design: Philipp Nicolai

Costumes: Michaela Brosch and Christine Bentele

Light design: Norunn Standal

Musical Director: David Pagan

Dramaturgy: Christian Schönfelder and Paulina Mandl


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