I Will Be Everything

Transeuropean project funded by Creative Europe working with Primary School children across 7 different countries.


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A show co-created with 3,000 young people from across Europe

A 3 year trans-European project starting in 2018 that explored the artists and audiences of the future. The project consisted of a touring show that worked co-created with 3,000 primary school children across 7 different countries to write, draw and imagine stories from the future in 50 years’ time. The show was made by professional artists from all the partner countries and toured across Europe with a touring and online archive sharing the creative material generated by the young people.

Alongside the show, the partner venues and festivals making work for young audiences compiledaudience development and co-creation toolkits. These shared the working practices of making and promoting work for families and young people (especially harder to reach audiences) using case studies and examples from across Europe.

The project internationalised the freelance workforce with training across the 3 years for makers and administrators through workshops, seminars, meetings and networking, The participating countries were UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Norway, Spain, and Poland.

Outputs from the project

  • 314 workshop sessions with young people
  • Working with 56 schools and educational establishments across Europe
  • 1 new artistic production shared and touring exhibition
  • A programme of audience development for the 7 partners with outcomes shared with wider national and local networks
  • 30 training workshop sessions with artists and cultural operators
  • An extensive online teaching and learning resource that shares an innovative model of co-creation
  • An online archive of creative material made during the project
  • A legacy of working methods and examples/case-studies shared by the partners across local, national and transnational networks, that will be disseminated as 2 tool-kits promoting best practice in 1. Audience development and 2. Co-creation
  • Seminars sharing the toolkits in the 7 countries
  • A new collaboration between 7 international partners


An international project working locally in schools and communities across Europe to tell the story of the future in 50 years time, through the eyes of children. Young people have become the storytellers and futurologists of their local community.

How will they imagine the future of their neighbourhood and their city?

Fantastic and fabulous stories created by the children through 6 months of workshops have been brought to life by professional artists from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Norway, Spain and Poland, in a new performance and public exhibition that depicts the local area with distinctiveness, humour and imagination.

Though we cannot currently share the show live, please check out our  website with 11 great stories from the project performed!

As part of the project, we have created two industry toolkits. One which looks at Co-Creation and the other which looks at Public Engagement.

They are available to download here.




Suitable for ages 8+

Produced by Odsherred Theater (Denmark), Theater Mummpitz (Germany), Nordland Teater (Norway), Theater am Ortweinplatz (Austria), Sala Baratza Aretoa (Spain) and Teatr Figure (Poland).

With support from Creative Europe




Director: Alex Byrne

Performers: Nora Winkler (Austria), Helga Rosenfeldt (Denmark), Dagmara Zabska (Poland), Unai López de Armentia (Spain), Michael Schramm (Germany) and Hilde Stensland (Norway)

Set Design & Exhibition: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz

Production Managers: Elke Lalemann and Hernik Ipsen

Puppet Maker: Agnieszka Polańska

Light Design: Trui Malten

Sound Design: Greg Hall

Technicians: Murat Kornaev, Andrzej Pietyra, Dennis Veilgaard

Animation: Lizzy Hobbs

Scenographic Assistants: Freja Lehmann Jensen, Therese Jensen and Gry Skotte

Animation Performer: Zooey Judge

Photographer: Lars Wahl

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


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