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Tales From the Edge of Town – Imagining the Future


"I watched the children's faces during all stages of the performance and they were enthralled. Many of them could recognise their ideas in what they saw. It was greatly enjoyed, but more importantly, will have a long lasting effect, and even impact on their future direction, for many of them. Fantastic!"

— Sally Haiselden, Head Teacher at Cherry Hinton Primary School

A co-creation project asking children to imagine what the future would be like in 50 years.

Artists from NIE worked on the Southern Fringe of Cambridge in 2019, working with 100+ children 8-12 years over a period of 6 months from Cherry Hinton Primary School and Trumpington Community College. We asked the children to imagine and write a story about what the future would be like in 50 years.

The stories were made into a theatre show and installation, presented back to them in the heart of the community at Clay Farm Community Centre.

Thought the project, we also supported Cherry Hinton Primary School to achieve their Artsmark Award.




Cast Martin Bonger, Jodie Davies and Richard De Winter
Director Michael Judge
Set and costume design Fiona Rigler
Musical Director Richard De Winter Additional music designed and composed by the company
Production Manager / Sound Designer Ash Day
Producer Maya Ellis
Animator Lizzie Hobbs
Workshop Leader Hilary Cox

Cherry Hinton Primary School Year 5s and 6s
Trumpington Community College

Thanks to:
Natalie Evans from Trumpington Community College, Sally Haiselden from Cherry Hinton Primary School. Liz Pinchen, Alison Woods, Dominic Halford, Andy Ayling from Clay Farm Community Centre,Lego Club and Vicky Haywood, Sam Turton, Sabine Zieser,  Dan and Eliza from ARU,


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