We Come from Far, Far Away

A performance for younger audiences exploring the stories of refugees performed in a Mongolian yurt.


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"outstanding piece of theatre"

— Glam Adelaide May, 2023

Winner of the Hedda Award for the best performance for young audience in 2017 (Norway)

A performance for younger audiences exploring the stories of refugees performed in a Mongolian yurt. We developed the show working with Hvalstad Transittmottak, a centre that provides a first reception point for young refugees (aged 13 – 18) who have arrived alone to claim asylum in Norway. Most were from Afghanistan and Syria and had made the journey to Norway alone. Their stories are difficult and amazing. They were full of energy and life and hope for the future. In this performance we tried to tell one of them in a simple and intimate way. After each performance there is a short post-show discussion.

“I had a tent, I bought it in a supermarket in Greece, there was a sign which I could not read apart from that it said € 100 which was crossed out and then was written €40 in red! That’s called a bargain – so I took my money and I stood in the line. I tried to look normal. When I got to the desk I gave the man my money, he put it in the till and then he asked me something, I smiled, and then he started to shout at me, he shouted and shouted, so I took my phone out and stated to film him…..”

Suitable for ages 10+

Produced by Arts Council Norway, Municipality of Asker, Arts Council England



funny, imaginative, inventive and sadyou’re in for something pretty special.

A  harrowing and heartbreaking tale of a crisis that isn’t happening nearly as 

far away as we think”

The Wee Review ★★★★


“with twists of wily humour, some atmospheric live music and the honest details of brutal experiences.. Unconditional friendship, like courage and hope, accompanies every step of this powerfully affecting journey”

The Herald ★★★★


“this touching and humorous piece of theatre brings these necessary stories from far, far, away, much closer to home”

Edinburgh Guide ★★★★


“We Come from Far, Far Away communicates the refugee experience by immersing us in it… told with humour, energy and hope using live music, puppets and storytelling”

Children’s Theatre Review


“NIE doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities .. and yet there is a lightness which makes digesting the information not just possible, but enjoyable. The live music helps, so do the comic touches dappled throughout, and sitting in a tent is always fun”

The List  ★★★★


“World Class storytelling”

Periskop newspaper, Norway


“The performance is rich and complex. It is not at all a heavy or worthy piece of drama, rather it is a human, touching, and above all funny play”

The New European


“This is the most important performance that has visited our school”

Hvalstad Primary School, Norway


“The students cannot stop talking about the performance, and both the adults and young people were very touched by the work”

Vettre Primary School, Norway


Cast: Vaclav Kalidova, Iva Moberg, Robert Orr, Nora Svalheim (previous performers Jean Goubert, Julia Masli, Marina Popovic)
Creative team: Alex Byrne (Director), Kjell Moberg (Dramaturg), Šimon Kočí (Lighting design), Kateřina Housková (Set design), David Hlaváč (Music Director)


2016 Showbox festival (N) and Dieselverkstaden (S)
2017 Theatre of European Regions festival(CZ), Dublin Theatre Festival and Baboro International Children’s festival (IE), Contact festiva(UK), SAND Festival (N),
2018 Bærum Kulturhus (N),Kopergietery (BE),Edinburgh International Children’s Festival(UK),Non Stop festival (N), NOD Roxy (CZ), HeddaFestival (N). SZENE Waldviertel festival (CZ),Once Upon a Time festival with Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds(UK), The National Theatre (SLO), VEGA Scene (N)

10.800 students have seen the performance in The Cultural Rucksack Norway.


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