Our Shows

Brothers & Sisters

Four friends meet up to reconstruct why their friendship fell apart when they were 15. What first seems to be days that past and change of interest in activities reveals a truth that is much more difficult.

Museum of Us

Museum of Us is a show co-created with teenagers in Cambridge. Working with professional artists the young people became expert curators presenting their own artworks in response to where they live.


New performance

Cabaret Europe

On 18th of June 2016 we opened our new concept Cabaret Europe.

Beauty and the Beast

Beasts and beauties of all ages, join us this Christmas in Cambridge for a tale where beastliness is only skin deep.

Hansel and Gretel

“a captivating version… with bright as a button humour, clever use of puppets to double the title characters and European folk music played by the talented multinational cast” – The Stage

In the middle of a snow-covered forest sits a tiny cottage unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Its roof is made of gingerbread, the walls are made of chocolate cake, and the door is made of boiled sweets and the windows of clear sugar glaze, but what’s inside?

Hans og Grete

Our Adaptation of The Brothers Grimm classic Hansel and Gretel has been remounted in co-production with Norway’s National touring theatre – Riksteatret. The show premiered with a new cast on the 23 September 2014 in Fredrikstad, and toured across Norway on a 52 date tour.

Our “witty, wintry” (WhatsOnStage) show has played to UK audiences in Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham and Kendal over the last couple of years.

Berlin 1961

August 13th in the year of 1961: day-to-day the government of the GDR shuts down the border, which to this date was more or less a permeable line. At first it is only barbed wire, a little bit later a veritable wall which separates families, lovers and friends and presents them with unknown conflicts and decisions which forces many a desperate to unheard acts of hopelessness.

North North North

In January Alex, Kjell, Elke, Elisabet and Martin went to Svalbard, the northern most tip of Europe to spend a week there as part of research and development time for North, North, North. The ideawas to create the first of 4 shows based on stories from the geographical extremities of Europe. However, upon hearing the story of S A Andree’s tragic arctic balloon expedition of 1897, the company decided to explore this narrative as the starting point for North North North.

Tales from a Sea Journey / HAV

“.. laced with beauty, humour and almost elemental pathos. A voyage to discover” Venue Magazine

Winner of ‘Best Show’ at the Tiba Festival in Belgrade, Tales from a Sea Journey explores the pull and power of the sea from the world’s saltiest stage!


I will be EVERYTHING is a show created by NIE with children as our co-creators.


This project is a co production with Kopergietery in Belgium and is based on texts/ workshops with boys aged 9 -11 on the theme of responsibility. The show is about a boy that runs into the world to fix his parents problems. This will lead to even more trouble and confusion, but also to strange and scary encounters in the night…

Song of Lost Treasures

Using live music, projections, animation and physical theatre, NIE transport you into the magic world of life’s lost treasures.

This performance is played in traverse with the audience on either side seated on a specially designed floor mat.

Everything Falls Apart

Everything Falls Apart follows the story of two boys smuggled into the UK hoping for a better life and one manʼs focused pursuit of justice at all costs. As the two boys travel from eastern Europe to Londonʼs murky and dangerous underground they witness the horrors of real life and cling on to the only thing that they have, each other.

Tales from the River Thames

The River Thames brought the world to London and London to the world. It leads to the countryside, out to the sea and cuts the city in half. The Unicorn Theatre and award-winning NIE have come together to create a magical show that brings the many mysterious and adventure-filled tales about what might be in and on this enormous river to life.

Instant Epic

Instant Epic is a project that started its life with an improvisation workshop in 2003. Over time it has turned – very slowly – into a show. It is an improvised performance of epic proportions, involving theatre makers form other companies working with us to make instant theatre that is moving, funny, ridiculous and profound. Improvisation and interaction with an audience is a huge part of our work and this show aims to let the audience into the making process, to offer us inspiration and ideas.

My Life with the Dogs

Follow the story of 4 year old Ivan Mishukov on his remarkable journey of survival on the streets of Moscow. Ivan flees his abusive house and seeks safety in the snowy streets of the Russian capital. Hungry and alone he finds companionship from three unlikely canine friends. As he encounters dangerous characters and trouble around every corner his tale flits between sadness and laughter in the blink of an eye.


ʻThe stories of the ones forgotten and never heard….ʼ Moss Avis, Norway In a town by a big lake is a building. This building is not a block of flats, it’s not a hotel, not a library, its not a swimming pool or a supermarket. It’s an orphanage. The building has got many rooms and many windows.

Das Schiff

The old ship lies at anchor directly below the Nibelungen Bridge in Linz. The paddlewheels are standing still, the chimney does not give off any clouds of smoke and usually there are no passengers on the deck. But if you approach close enough, you can hear it creaking, grating and grinding. They are still alive on the MS Schönbrunn, all the old stories of passengers, sailors, empresses and captains – hidden in the corners of the cabins, engine rooms and in the shipʼs galley.

The Tales from the Middle of Town

There is a shop, a big shop, in the middle of a busy shopping centre. But this shop doesnʼt sell toys, or food, or mobile telephones…this shop sells stories. Tales from The Middle of Town takes you on the most magical shopping trip with vampire shopkeepers, the moody book-shop customer, and Lillyʼs first day at her glasses shop.

The Night of February 28th

The Night of February 28th is a challenging, humorous and high octane show with alot of music, with the murder of Sweden’s then-prime minister Olof Palme as a backdrop. The assassination of Olof Palme in 1986 is an event that has profoundly affected Swedish society.

Past Half Remembered

Fragile, slightly mad and tinged with sadness – The Guardian

Past Half Remembered tells the story of Maria Michailovna, whose life spans the Soviet century in a remarkable tale of love, loss, calamity and hope. As she looks back on her life, past and present blend and blur as she is swept along by the force of history.

Around the World in 80 Days

Based on Jules Verne’s famous novel, Around the World in 80 Days takes you on a high speed, mad-cap, transcontinental, race against the clock!

Dr Orange / Dr Blue

Working with three hearing impaired schools in London and the ‘Taking Part’ team at the Young Vic, Orange/Blue is a parallel production to Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange.

Top Secret at Alconbury

40 young people (13-18yrs) will design, make, perform and manage a new show alongside NIE’s international artists in the former Nuclear Bunker at Alconbury Weald in the UK. A local audience will enjoy the promenade show featuring animation, sound, film and performance on the 29 July, revealing the ‘secrets’ of Alconbury Weald, former U2 Spy Plane base.

My Long Journey Home

My Long Journey Home is based on the true story of Andras Tomas, a Hungarian boy who was press ganged by the Wehrmacht in 1942, taken to fight on the Eastern Front an then lost in Russia for 53 years. Andras returned home to a hero’s welcome in 1999. Using live music on accordion and violin, clowning and comedy, singing and tragedy, one small puppet and a simple set, the show conjures a vast and impossible world and a cacophony of languages.

The Emigrants

Millions of young people are leaving Europe in the 19th century. Poverty, famine, wars and disillusioning political developments are forcing them to leave their homes.

Pim and Theo


Pim & Theo are dead.

They meet, they talk, they argue.

Two men where shot in cold blood on the streets of Holland. Victims of extremism, Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn weren’t afraid to make their opposing political views known.

Hanna & Heinz

Hanna married the man she loved. That left her without citizenship for 58 years. Our new performance Hanna is based on the true accounts of a Norwegian woman who married a German soldier during the Second World War.

The End of Everything Ever

Agata is 6 years old, she is going to the railway station with her father, everyone is very happy, only she has the strange feeling that she will never see him again. On the train tired and hungry she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name-tag tied around her neck and very slowly consumes her name and address erasing any chance of getting back home again. Drawing on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport, NIE shine a light onto some of our continents darkest history and emerge with a story of survival, love and hope.

We Come from Far, Far Away

Inside the tent there is a smaller tent, and inside the smaller tent there is a boy. He has travelled a long way. He has travelled mostly on his own. He can show you the things he has brought with him, he can tell you the reasons for his journey, he can tell about the route he has taken, he can’t tell you where the story ends…

Museum of Memories

This project is exploring true stories and accounts from people that have experienced suicide in their family. The project is a movable installation that is both an exhibition space and a space for the performance.