Das Schiff

“The ship is taken over by stories!” – ORF (Austrian national TV)

The old ship lies at anchor, directly below the Nibelungen Bridge in Linz. The paddlewheels are standing still, the chimney does not give off any clouds of smoke and usually there are no passengers on the deck. But if you approach close enough, you can hear it creaking, grating and grinding…

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… They are still alive on the MS Schönbrunn – all the old stories of passengers, sailors, empresses and captains, hidden in the corners of the cabins, engine rooms and in the shipʼs galley.

With the help of stories written by school children across Europe, NIE and Sgaramusch created a site specific show on board the historical Danube steamship MS Schönbrunn.

Das Schiff premiered in March 2009 and was also performed as part of the SCHÄXPIR Festival.

Director: Alex Byrne; Artistic Input: Kjell Moberg; Production Manager: Elke Laleman; Scenography: Kateřina Housková; Musical Director: Mago Flueck; Cast: Iva Moberg, Robert Orr, Stefan Columbo, Nora Von Der Muhll, Mago Flueck, Elke Laleman.

Das Schiff was commissioned as part of the 2009 Captial of Culture programme in Linz and was supported by Arts Council England.