Hanna & Heinz

Hanna married the man she loved. That left her without citizenship for 58 years. Our new performance Hanna is based on the true accounts of a Norwegian woman who married a German soldier during the Second World War.

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After being driven out of Norway in 1945 she ended up in Eastern Germany with her husband. As the Iron Curtain cut off all hope of getting back to her homeland, Hanna fought the Norwegian government through letters for 58 years with one aim: no one shall be punished for being in love.

The performance premiered on 3.12. 2014 in Teater Manu as part of the Showbox festival, Oslo followed by the tour in Østfold. Here you can read what the young audiences wrote after seeing the premiere in Oslo: http://ungestemmer.no/2014/12/hanna-heinz/

The show is now touring across Norway.