“The stories of the ones forgotten and never heard…” – Moss Avis, Norway

In a town, by a big lake, there is a building. This building is not a block of flats, it’s not a hotel, nor is it a library, swimming pool or supermarket. It’s an orphanage. The building has got many rooms and many windows…

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In one of the rooms with a window facing into the garden, there is a boy. He is looking out on a tree. But he can’t go out. Very soon somebody will come and take him to a better place. But he doesn’t know that yet.

Miramarmora is a co-production between NIE, Pálac Akropolis (Prague) and Østfold Teater (Norway). The show took its inspiration from the nonsense rhymes of the Norwegian poet Andre Bjerke and from true stories of orphans and abandoned children from across Europe. Miramarmora is about the search for an identity, language and family, and the performance uses live music, animation and visual theatre to lead the audience into a landscape located somewhere between imagination and reality.

This performance has toured to four countries and has been seen by more than 10,000 children.

Director: Kjell Moberg; Scenography: Kateřina Housková; Musical Director: David Pagan; Cast: Iva Moberg, Lenka Rozehnalová, David Pagan, Tobias Avlund Heiberg.

Miramarmora is supported by Arts Council Norway and the Municipality of Fredrikstad and Østfold County, and is a co-production with Østfold Teater and Palác Akropolis