My Long Journey Home

“This is the most tear-inducingly hilarious, stimulating, intelligent, and brilliant piece of theatre I have seen in years… The four actors are breathtaking and NIE is a seriously exciting company” – Three Weeks

My Long Journey Home is based on the true story of Andras Tomas, a Hungarian boy who was press-ganged into the Wehrmacht in 1942, taken to fight on the Eastern Front and then lost in Russia for 53 years…

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Andras finally returned home to a hero’s welcome in 1999. Using live accordion and violin, clowning and comedy, singing and tragedy, one small puppet and a simple set, My Long Journey Home conjures up a vast and impossible world and a cacophony of languages.

Made in the summer of 2001 in the old Sokol gymnastics hall in Mseno, Czech Republic, My Long Journey Home was NIE’s first performance project and premiered on 23rd August, 2001 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The show has since played in 15 countries and had over 460 reprises prior to its final solo performance at the Kaposvar Festival, Hungary in May, 2006. My Long Journey Home is now only played as part of the European Narratives Trilogy, together with Past Half Remembered and The End of Everything Ever.

My Long Journey Home won the Jury Prize Days at the Youth Theatre Festival (Mostar, Bosnia 2001), the Jury Prize for Artistic Creativity at the TIBA Festival (Belgrade, Serbia 2004) and was nominated for Best Ensemble Performance at The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004).

Director: Alex Byrne; Scenography: Kateřina Housková; Musical Director: David Pagan; Cast: Robert Orr, David Pagan, Tomáš Měcháček, Kjell Moberg.

Production support from Sokol Mšeno, Pekařství Paul and Theatre DRAK.