North North North

In January Alex, Kjell, Elke, Elisabet and Martin went to Svalbard, the northern most tip of Europe to spend a week there as part of research and development time for North, North, North. The ideawas to create the first of 4 shows based on stories from the geographical extremities of Europe. However, upon hearing the story of S A Andree’s tragic arctic balloon expedition of 1897, the company decided to explore this narrative as the starting point for North North North.

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The only man to ever try and reach the North Pole with a hydrogen balloon, Andree’s story is one of intrigue, adventure, and human suffering. The doomed expedition, where all 3 members perished, is an incredible tale of one mans obsession to explore the unknown realm of ice, and the lengths he went to conquer the North.

The show was developed in Oslo, Norway, North Wall Arts Centre in Oxford and at the Key Theatre in Peterborough The show premiered at the Key Theatre in May 2013.

North North North is funded by Arts Council of Norway and Arts Council England in association with the North Wall and Key Theatre.