Past Half Remembered

Past Half Remembered tells the story of Maria Michailovna – whose life spans the Soviet century – in a remarkable tale of love, loss, calamity and hope. As she looks back on her life, the past and present blend and blur as Maria is swept along by the force of history.

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Past Half Remembered was made during the summer of 2002 in the small Czech village of Mseno. It received its premiere at the MTM festival in Mostar, Bosnia in August 2002 where it won the Jury Prize for Best New Work.

The show has played all over the world including festivals in Mexico, the USA and Japan. It has won a multitude of international awards including the Jury Prize at the Days of Youth Theatre Festival (Mostar, Bosnia 2002), Jury Prize for Best New Work at ASSITEJ Festival (Kristiansand, Norway 2004), Jury Prize for Best New Work at TIBA Festival (Belgrade, Serbia 2005), and a Herald Angel Award and Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Festival 2006. Past Half Remembered is teh second show in the European Narratives Trilogy, together with My Long Journey Home and The End of Everything Ever.

Director: Alex Byrne; Scenography: Kateřina Housková; Musical Director: David Pagan; Cast: Aude Henrye, Anna Healey, Tomáš Měcháček/Kieran Edwards, David Pagan/Tom Anderson/ Rew Lowe, Robert Orr/ Kjell Moberg, Iva Moberg.

Production Support from Sokol Mšeno, Pekařství Paul and Theatre DRAK.