Tales from a Sea Journey / HAV

“.. laced with beauty, humour and almost elemental pathos. A voyage to discover” Venue Magazine

Winner of ‘Best Show’ at the Tiba Festival in Belgrade, Tales from a Sea Journey explores the pull and power of the sea from the world’s saltiest stage!

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In November 2009, NIE embarked on a transatlantic voyage on board the GMA-CGM Fort St Louis, a container ship en route from Le Havre in France to Guadeloupe in the West Indies. They were rocked by a North Atlantic storm, delayed by French dock strikes, woken in the night by the smell of the land and warmed by the Caribbean sun. The experiences on the boat formed the genesis of this show.

With the help of Icelandic novelist, poet and Bjork lyricist, their experiences on the voyage are delicately intertwined with seafaring tales and shanties from around the world.

The show went on to rehearse in Denmark and Norway before premiering at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo in January 2011 as part of NIE’s 10th Anniversary Festival Vol. I. It had its UK premiere at Cambridge Junction in March 2011.

Director: Alex Byrne Artistic Input: Kjell Moberg Scenography: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz Set Design Assistant: Katja Ebel Frederiksen Script: NIE in co-operation with Sjon Production Manager: Elke Laleman Musical Director: Jiri N. Jelinek Cast: Margit Szlavik, Iva Moberg / Robert Orr, Kieran Edwards, Elisabet Topp, Jiri N. Jelinek, Elke Laleman

The show is supported by Arts Council Norway, Spenn and Arts Council England and is a co-production with Dramatikkens hus.