Tales from the River Thames

The River Thames brought the world to London and London to the world. It leads to the countryside, out to the sea and cuts the city in half. The Unicorn Theatre and award-winning NIE have come together to create a magical show that brings to life the many mysterious and adventure-filled tales about what might be in and on this enormous river.

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Tales from the River Thames was based on stories written by 600 primary school children from across Lambeth, Southwark and Waltham Forest. The show took place in June 2012, where audiences were taken on a magical walkabout journey through the dark heart of Southwark, to experience stories of river pirates, monsters, mermaids and talking fish, all based upon the river you thought you knew.

Director: Alex Byrne Set Design: Bicat&Rigby; Musical Director: Carly Davis; Production Manager: Elke Laleman; Cast: Unai Lopez de Armentia, Kieran Edwards, Carly Davis, Elisabet Topp, Helga Rosenfeld .

A co-production with The Unicorn. Supported by the Arts Council England. Tales From the River Thames is supported by HSBC Global Education Programme.