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We know the positive impact arts and culture can make in young people’s lives but their access to creativity is limited as public funding to education and the arts is cut.


We need your help to ensure as many young people as possible access high-quality Creative Learning to understand how to reflect on themselves and the world, get active, learn new skills, make friends, gain confidence and have fun.

“Thank you, I enjoyed dancing, acting wearing the costumes, everything!”
— Young participant, Carlo from Rushey Green School for Dr Orange/Dr Blue

NIE projects in the UK particularly target harder to reach community groups and young people who have limited access to the arts.

Please click here for the NIE-Annual-Report-21-22 showing the impact of our work.


Current shows/projects the Friends scheme are supporting:

Tales From the Edge of Town – project on the outskirts of Cambridge working with 2 local primary schools and 350 young people exploring experiences of lockdown.

Shakespeare In A Suitcase – A bitesize re-telling of the most famous play in the work in 45 minutes by 2 actors, 1 musician and a few items in a suitcase.

There are three ways to support us:

PEN FRIEND£30 a year

NIE understands the value of creativity in the lives of young people and works with hundreds of school children every year. A gift of just £30 could help meet the costs of one young person participating in a workshop, supporting the development of expression, identity and the articulation of ideas.

We’d love to keep you informed as to the impact of your gift and will send you a quarterly update on the work we’ve been doing so you can hear the voices of young people and the joy your donation has brought to them, for yourself.

TRAVELLING COMPANION£120 per year (£10 a month)

Giving young people the opportunity to set their imaginations free is magical and helps to develop the creativity of young minds as well as key skills, such as critical thinking. By making a gift of £150 you could help a group of over 20 young people take part in an NIE theatre project  by supporting the cost of props and costumes.

We’d very much like to  keep you informed about how your donation is helping young people develop their creativity and self-expression through quarterly updates and a letter from our Director.

FREQUENT FLYER — £250 a year 

Go further and support even more young people develop their creativity; a gift of just £250 could help over 40 young people to participate in workshops by supporting the cost of a professional artist running two workshops.

We’d be delighted to keep you informed of the difference your gift is making through quarterly updates and a letter from the Director. We’d also be delighted to invite you to join us for our annual drinks reception.

If you are a UK tax payer you can add even more value to your gift by adding Gift Aid to your donation and it will be increased by 25% with no extra cost to yourself. Please contact and we can email you one.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this”
— Young person from the Top Secret at Alconbury Weald project


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If you are interested in donating to the company and corporate support, please contact our UK office.


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