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I will be Peterborough


I will be EVERYTHING is a show created by NIE with children as our co-creators.

I will be EVERYTHING Peterborough  is a show created by NIE with children as our co-creators.

Do you ever wonder what the future holds? I will be EVERYTHING was a show made with children as our co-creators. It challenged children to imagine their (and our) future. What will you be? What will it be like? What do you want to do? In this celebration of the imagination anything and EVERYTHING is possible!

How did the show develop?

Our team of experienced educational arts practitioners ran a series of 90 minute workshops in primary schools in Peterborough. These workshops took the children on an imaginative journey into the future. The children were inspired to think, draw, write and speak about the future. As genuine co-creators, they had the opportunity to meet characters they created, revisit story ideas and develop their thoughts and imaginings.

What was the show about?

This project celebrated children’s creative writing and their imagination. From a series of workshops held at primary schools in Peterborough, the children’s ambitions and imaginings were interwoven into a high quality theatre production. Created by NIE using Live music, Storytelling and Comedy.

I Will Be EVERYTHING follows the madcap journey of 3 scientists sent into the Peterborough of the future to explore, to discover, maybe even to bring something back… This was a show made in Peterborough with children as co-creators. It challenges them to imagine their and our future. What will you be? What will it be?





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