My Life with the Dogs

“Watching it is like trying to hold a snowflake in your hand: it melts away” – The Guardian

Follow the story of 4 year-old Ivan Mishukov through his remarkable journey of survival living rough in Moscow as he flees his abusive house and seeks safety on the snowy streets. Hungry and alone, he finds companionship from three unlikely canine friends…

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Ivan encounters dangerous characters and trouble around every corner as his tale flits between sadness and laughter in the blink of an eye.

This show is a remake of Muj Zivot se Psu, a performance originally made by Alex Byrne and Dejvice Divadlo in Prague during 1999. Kjell Moberg wanted to bring the show into the NIE repertoire, and a complete remake was devised in Prague and Vienna during 2006. Ivan’s story stayed true to the original, but the whole environment was changed to include a Russian punk band playing the Scorpions’ timeless hit Winds of Change.

My Life with the Dogs was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2009) and won the Daphne Prize for Best Show at the Assitej festival in Kristiansand, Norway (2010). The show also received the Award for Artistic Bravery 2011 from the Norwegian Association for Performing Arts (DTS).

Director: Alex Byrne; Production Manager: Elke Laleman; Scenography: Kateřina Housková; Musical Director: David Pagan; Cast: Iva Moberg/Elisabet Topp, Robert Orr, Kjell Moberg, Alex Byrne, David Pagan/Tomáš Měcháček.

My Life with the Dogs is supported by Arts Council England and Arts Council Norway and is a co-production with Divadlo Nablizko (Prague) and Dschungelwein (Vienna).